What is Agricultural Business?

As the world expands in population size, food demands are high. What was previously a normal farm’s production rate doesn’t just feed the same amount of people now or there are still others that are hungry. This created the need for effective means in planting crops and yielding the most results in various planting conditions.

When the demand grew, a lot of people saw this as a business opportunity. However, conventional methods for growing crops were just not enough. The agricultural business course aims to answer these needs. If you’re thinking of taking this course or if you’re simply wondering, here are the things that you should know about the agricultural business course and their sample projects.

Study Coverage

To cover the need for both agricultural and business needs, students study various subjects. On the business side, subjects include finance, business management including the technical areas involved in agricultural production systems. Students also develop their critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills.

For the agricultural side, students study soil science, property planning, pasture and crop production and management. At this point, students can choose to specialize in agribusiness management or agricultural production.

Career Options

For an agricultural business graduate, there are a lot of career paths that are directly related to or where their degrees can be used. Listed below are some of the common career options though there are still many more.

Agricultural consultant

As a consultant, you will be required to use problem-solving skills for your client’s business. Since your client’s business is related to agriculture, you will offer solutions and support to make sure that their farm is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Agricultural consultants typically have two options available for them depending on their specialization:

  • Business consultant – this covers the management of personnel, business planning, and giving advice on financial management for farms or businesses related to agriculture.
  • Technical consultant – this option focuses on livestock and crop maintenance, waste management and environmental conservation.

Farm Manager

For someone who has studied how to manage crops and livestock while maintaining a business, it makes perfect sense to work as a farm manager. Farm managers are responsible for raising animals, taking care of crops, creating strategies to maximize yield, managing staff, and organizing associated businesses. This involves technical and practical knowledge regarding agriculture and business, including being able to make business decisions. In addition, farm managers need to be knowledgeable about the safety regulations set forth by the government.

Soil Scientist

Soil is a very important renewable and natural resource. Soil is important in food production, supporting animal and plant life, and also in providing a foundation for buildings and infrastructures all over the world. Soil science covers a lot of scientific disciplines so soil scientists can work in a wide range of professional areas.

For the functions, a soil scientist interprets, gathers, and evaluates data from the soil. This data will be used in agricultural production, human health, environmental quality, biodiversity, and climate change.

Animal Nutritionist

Animal nutritionists are found mostly in agriculture. They provide information and advice on animal nutrition including the evaluation of animals in an area and designing new diets for them. In line with this, animal nutritionists work in areas related to the production of food for pets or companion animals, for zoos, and also give advice related to feeding them. Overall, animal nutritionists work to promote correct understanding on the effect of diet on animals’ wellbeing, productivity, and health.

Field Trials Officer

When a laboratory involves research in plants in the field or laboratory, field trials officers are employed. They may be involved with overseeing a particular phase in the research procedure or they may be involved in the entire research process.

Specific duties of a field trials officer would depend on the research and they work closely with the scientists. They have to ensure that the research conditions are similar to real world scenarios. In some cases, a field trials officer is also required to make presentations regarding research conditions and findings.

Sample Projects

In agricultural business, there are a lot of business opportunities. Some projects may range from those requiring sponsors or those that can be done in the backyard. Some examples for these projects are:

Urban Agriculture

As the name suggests, this involves the cultivation, distribution and processing of food within a town or a city. Urban agriculture is being viewed as an answer to food shortage. This eliminates the need to transport food from farms to cities, and also provides fresh, quality food.

Rabbit Rearing

The reason why this is so specific is because there are no laws that prohibit keeping of rabbits in towns and cities. It’s possible to raise rabbits in the backyard for them to serve as an alternative food source and for additional income. It’s not difficult to raise rabbits since they can survive on kitchen scraps or cut grasses. Lastly, rabbit rearing does not involve much investment capital.

Fish Farming

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, they are turning to fish for their protein needs. If you put your structures in the right place, you can make a huge profit. Equipments are not that difficult to find, all you need is ample space, fish tanks (you can buy or construct these), fish, and fish feed. This is a feasible business option since you can buy fish cheap and sell them depending on their weight and size. You also have the option to choose the fish breed, depending on the demands in your area.

Herbs and Flowers Gardening

Although this business option requires a huge space, the capital isn’t that big as well. Agricultural business graduates can easily do this project and they can put their knowledge to good use. Raising herbs and plants for reselling to large outlets or to consumers is a very good business nowadays. These can be used for cooking, making medicines, or simply for gardening. It’s very easy to buy herb and plant seeds in packets for less than a dollar. When they are sold, the profit will be 10 or 20 times more. This is why the more plants there is, the bigger chance for profit.

If you’re still wondering what is agricultural business and if it’s good for you then the answer to that is that it’s a very good course choice. There are a lot of career options for agricultural business graduates. They are able to work in a wide range of jobs that may or may not be directly related to their courses. In addition, the shortage of managers or researchers in the agricultural sector ensures that there will always be jobs waiting for them when they graduate. Plus, agricultural business also ensures that people and animals are getting proper nutrition. They also take care of the environment, making them a valuable resource all over the world.

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