Ways to Achieve Inner Peace

Become a warrior of peace. Spread the message inside yourself so that you walk the talk. Be humble and loving towards yourself. But how to learn that humbleness? By cultivating the attitude towards all living creatures as equal, even those who came to hurt you and wronged you. If you blame all the world around you be aware as you must have hurt someone along the way too, so keep that in mind. If you blame the world then recall someone might be blaming you for not keeping a promise, for not validating your pleas and so on. Instead of harboring a grudge just let go of the world to send it rotating on in peace. Do not expect anyone to do the job for you, as you are the only one who needs to make peace with yourself and the world at large.

Love Is All You Need

Perhaps you need money to survive or a job to make two ends meet, but most importantly you need to find love to live a meaningful life. That love does not have to come from anyone else but you only which only means you do not have to wait for anyone to love you as you have enough of love in yourself to make it work for you. Although everyone needs something else, love is what we all need. After all death is just round a corner and what could be better than to stave it off with your mighty message of all encompassing love. You would be like and live like a king or a queen among those who do not love and you could involve them in your love and send them the message of them being worthy of love, yours included. Love transcends all and the heart overflowing with love is a heart that truly beats to the rhythm of love. With that kind of loving attitude you see no sinners and your ego is diminished as you can find easy solace in your inner source of energy of love and re-emerge rejuvenated yet again.

When you are motivated by love and wisdom and truly loving people you are accepted and welcomed to spread the message, with little to fear. Fear is mostly gone from your life and you channel your energy to help other people heal. But their healing must also come from within, as your support is only temporary. If we all lived this way, perhaps things would have been different, however human nature is too tricky to be fed love only as various examples from communities and communes in different countries show. It is unreasonable to expect to eradicate all those negative feelings, but you can definitely override them with the more positive attitude, which is not to be confused with optimistic approach to anything that is going to happen to you in life. Far from it actually.

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