Trading Places

Imagine that by some unfanthomable stroke of luck you reach the place to which access is nothing but forbidden, and yet you dare to enter that sanctuary after a long uphill struggle with the biting winds and fiery fires. You would say that you entered heaven on earth and are to remain there for a while. Would you believe you belonged there? Would you believe your luck? Would you remain there to live and follow your dream only to see after some time that the place has become much darker around you and you are totally on your own. Would you trade your place for something more tangible, less welcoming and yet something closer to the reality? Sometimes you get too far in life, you reach out for too much, you get to have more than you can chew, and that must end inevitably in a hiccup unless you make a change, a total makeover, an act of faith out of love and respect for any living person that has had that chance to meet you but who you failed to accommodate properly. Acting on this reflection, anyone that came into your life came to teach you a precious lesson, the one that is worth revising to see where you are coming from for real. Any person that stood in your way had some sort of a message to convey, even those who despised you and wished you all sorts of mishaps. Even those people are worth learning from as they could have been your friends or guides or even followers in another life and space.

Show Some Respect

It is so much easier to respect those who respect us but much harder to respect those who show little respect to us, who mistreat us and who chased us down to teach us a lesson. How can you learn from these people? You can learn a grand lesson about yourself, how you react to criticism, how you are reflected in those people, what social blunders you commit and so on and on. If you choose to see interacting with those uncomfortable types as a special kind of a learning experience, that might be a true eye opener if not more, a kind of a gift that you would be giving to yourself. On the other hand, becoming a martyr or a doormat is not what we are trying to propagate here, or continue being in touch with some extremely toxic types. Even in those genuine people toxicity lies dormant and could be activated at any point, those negativity issues, depressive spells and victim like attitude could be all generated within a short time in anyone’s life. The key is to be open even in the face of adversity and stop fearing the tomorrow, and what that could bring us. The life is happening as we speak and that tomorrow may never come at all. If it does then it is a reason to rejoice ourselves. And keep on living.

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