Tips For Saving Money Among Post Graduate Students

Post graduate education can provide you the career advancement youíll need but it comes at a steep cost. Law and Medical schools can be quite expensive. Most student loans would cover the tuition but some will probably exclude miscellaneous fees.

Even if post graduate education can be demanding, there are ways and means in which you can save money for other expenses and personal savings. It requires discipline and determination to achieve this. Part time jobs are encouraged but they can also be a distraction when it is not balanced properly.

Minimize Coffee Take Outs

A simple brewed coffee from starbucks can already cost a lot when it is accumulated within a month of daily coffee take outs. Opt for investing in a good coffeemaker or percolator and you can cut the cost of buying your brewed coffee in coffee shops in half. Bringing your own coffee is highly economical. 1 bag of coffee grounds can serve you 20-30 cups when you have coffee twice a day.

Make Homecooked Meals

Dining in fast foods and restaurants will cause your expenses to skyrocket, making it a hassle for you to buy your post graduate books and learning materials. Make homecooked meals and put them in a brown bag. It allows customization of your diet, which can provide you not just a tightened budget on meals but also a healthy lifestyle as well.

Say No To Clubbing

Frequent night outs in clubs will cause you to shell out a minimum of $200.00 per night. Not to mention the clubís entrance fees and other services youíll avail. If you want to have a cheaper night out with your friends, try to buy a few cases of beer and host your own house party instead.

Get A Part Time Job

There are part time jobs offered on campus for post graduate students who want to make ends meet. Medical school may be difficult to balance since it involves a rigid and mentally demanding study schedule. You can opt for temp jobs instead during long breaks. There are some law schools which provide a fast track program for those working during the day.

Invest In A Good Printer

A good printer is a best investment for study notes and creating your mini business for your fellow classmates who want to get their notes and homework printed. A printer can also help you cut the cost of paying in computer shops and other establishments.

Get Coupons that Have Great Deals

There are gift coupons which are found in social media sites and in the newspapers on how you can get items in bulk for a cheaper price. These coupons can help you cut your expenses in groceries and other items, saving the extra money to where it is actually needed. There are also food coupons offered by restaurants which can help you avail a huge discount.

Avail Of Free Condoms

Condoms can be expensive when purchased at a drugstore, especially when they come packaged in boxes. Brands such as magnum and Trojan cost more. Avail of free condom samples given at school clinics and hospitals. They provide a set of condoms which can be used in one week.

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