Taking Care of Endangered Species

You should have heard something about how human progress is taking its toll on animals and plants. Because of the rapid progress that we are making, we are destroying their natural habitat. We are endangering some species. Some people might not think that this is important. They would say that it is the price that we have to pay for progress and as prices go, it is worth it. That kind of thinking will only lead to more problems.

Why We Have Care about Endangered Species

Why is it that we have to care about endangered species, whether plants or animals? One of the most commonly cited reasons is that we should preserve it for future generations. We have to give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to enjoy or at least see those species. Animal rights activists would say that those animals that are endangered by our activity have as much rights as we do to live on this planet.

Scientists have given a valid reason for us to care about endangered species. They say that the loss of certain plants and animals would impact us on several levels. They say that the loss of endangered species would have effects on the following fields:

    • agricultural
    • ecological
    • commercial
    • medicinal

Some plants can become valuable crops or useful when it comes to agriculture. Nature is balanced with the presence of various species, the loss of one or many species could upset this balance and cause an ecological disturbance that could have a tremendous impact on us. Some plants and animals can prove to be sources of valuable products in the future, just like medicines. There is no way to know what we can create out of the plants and animals that we have now. Losing species at this point in time could mean losses that we cannot even measure.

How to Take Care of Endangered Species

There are two approaches when it comes to caring for endangered species. The first one is to preserve their natural habitat. For some people this is a better option. Animals and plants would thrive better in their natural surroundings. But this is not an easy thing to achieve. Many of the natural habitats of the endangered species today are under pressure from human development. As cities begin to expand, forests and marshlands would have to give way.

The second method of preserving endangered species is to place these animals in protected areas and breed them in captivity. There have been some success in using this method. The population of some species that were in danger of becoming completely extinct were brought back to the right levels. There are problems using this method of course. Some efforts to breed animals in captivity are unsuccessful.

The best thing that we can do is to find ways that we can develop without using too much of the world’s resources. That way, we do not have to take away too much from the environment to make progress.

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