On Perspectives

It is an interesting exercise to stretch your mind and learn some humility when you learn to look from another person’s perspective, even if mistakenly. Very few of us practise that on a daily basis and we tend to assume a lot of things about other people or take them totally for granted to our later disappointment. Now it does not mean that we should be complacent about all the words another person says that we do not agree with at all. It is more about understanding where the other person is coming from then anything else, intended underhanded tactics aside. The ego is quick to react when we hear any words of criticism and so just recall a moment when you heard the criticism and you immediately reacted to those words. Funny thing is people react the ery same way when they hear it coming from your mouth, so let us assume, the way it is offered should be altered to be more specific and effective. If we criticize because we want to offer a distinctive view on something, then again, social rules dictate that we perhaps could hold our tongue because what kind of benefit it can bring us, plus, just place yourself in that person’s shoes and imagine you dislike something immediately, so why not point out what you actually like about the place to avoid bitterness. The very same people who let their tongues waggle would find it outrageous to hear someone else complain about their behavior. Also looking down on somebody as your only weapon of choice will not cut it because simply whatever you might believe the other person’s views hold as strongly as ever, and the person in question is the only person in power to change them, but not you. So whenever you diminish someone’s worth and meaning as a fellow human being, bite your tongue, because as you die or are born, you are both equal, no matter what your differences and sizes of ego are. Simply that. But of course it is hard to muster up some courage of being close to someone who is worlds apart from you.

Have It Your Own Way

Some gurus might recommend that you listen to yourself only to avoid looking at another person through your lens and distorting the image with your deep beliefs. It sometimes happens when we are inclined to finish someone’s thoughts before the other party get the chance to finish off by themselves, and that is not the way to go, because in fact we are only invalidating that person’s perspective. Same goes for a different stance on some issue, there is no real need to be vehement about certain values or be a firm believer as no one is going to take that away from you anyway. Plus you appreciate the freedom of having your own beliefs so why deny the others the very same chance to profess what they believe? If confusion follows and debates are out of question then that is all for the best and you can simply rest instead of getting launching in some old tirade aka I know what is best for all of you out there. But that takes practice and so catch yourself doing so anytime you are with people.

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