How to Make Great Coffee

We can get coffee from many different sources. From the nearest convenience store, to the coffee shop at the corner, you can get a cup when you have to. The problem is that you don’t usually get the coffee that you want to drink. That can be forgiven when you’re buying from a convenience store, you shouldn’t expect to get the best beverage there, but it’s a different thing when you’re getting it from a coffee shop. The guys there are supposed to know their coffee. Unfortunately, many coffee shops are just hype and they can’t really deliver.

So where does that leave you? If you want to drink the kind of coffee that you want, then you better be ready to make it on your own. Don’t count on others to make it for you. To help you out here are some ideas that you can use in making your own coffee.

Start with the Beans

The most basic thing that you can do to ensure that you will be able to make a decent cup is to buy the best beans. Make sure that it is freshly roasted or even better do your own roasting. Old beans tend to lose their flavor. Roasting is a simple process and after a few tries you can master the trick. When it comes to the type of beans, you should find your own preference.

Once you do your own roasting, you should see to it that the beans would stay fresh for as long as possible. Keep it in a sealed container, but remember that no matter how care you take, coffee beans will lose its flavor.

Choose Arabica

If you are really after the taste in your coffee then you should venture beyond the common brands that are available. You should be a bit more adventurous. Look for coffee that says 100% Arabica on the label. Robusta is the other type and it has a harsher taste.

Grinding Before Brewing

If you want to get the best coffee flavor then you should learn to grind just right before you brew. You would taste the difference right away once you learn this practice. You don’t have to spend a fortune on grinders, but it wouldn’t hurt if you can afford the expensive ones that coffee connoisseurs are using.

Use Good Water Only

Some people tend to forget the importance of good water for making coffee. Keep in mind that you are making a beverage and everything would be based on the water. If you are using water that has some taste to it, then it is bound to affect the flavor of the drink that you are making. Only use clean good water.

Don’t Use Cheap Filters

Another factor that could affect the quality of your beverage is the filter that you use. Cheap filters will not deliver the best drink. You should high quality ones which are more expensive. If you want great taste in your drink then you have to pay for it.

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