Facts On Ejaculation To Fight Prostate Cancer

The small gland known as the prostate is an object of great importance to your body as it plays a very important role in semen production. Nearly 40,000 cases of cancer and 10,000 deaths are reported every year because of the condition known as Prostate Cancer. This consensus makes scientists and researchers investigate more about its relationship with sexual behaviors. Interesting lessons taught to you often involve sexual activity as a way of reducing the risks of developing prostate cancer. However, it is important that you learn about certain misconceptions on sexual activity and its effects on prostate cancer. Does it really help fight prostate cancer? Or does it only make it worse?

Certain Studies Which Prove The Effectiveness of Ejaculation

A study done by Graham Giles at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne Australia states that ejaculation helps our body get rid of carcinogens. The disease causing toxins that try to build up in the urogenital tract are removed are flushed out of the system whenever an ejaculation is done.

Also according to Jennifer Landa, a specialist in hormone therapy, Ejaculations also help in increasing cortisol levels in your body. This type of hormone boosts up the immune system to fight against any cancer causing radicals that may be present in your bloodstream.

Masturbation VS Multiple Sex Partners

On the years 1994 to 1998 a team of researchers from Melbourne Cancer Epidemiology conducted a study about ejaculation and its relationship to prostate cancer. Results show that men who ejaculated more than five times a week at their 20s are less probable to cultivate prostate cancer later in life.

However, their studies seem to contradict previous ones which create a strong link between having plenty of sexual partners and prostate cancer.

While it is true that ejaculation may reduce the risks of prostate cancer, having multiple sex partners often predispose men to the most aggressive and malignant forms of prostate cancer.

Researchers suggest that this is because of the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, which could precipitate the development of prostate cancer in men.

Numerous researches nowadays have proven masturbation not only to be harmless, but healthy as well. Regular masturbation can even prevent the most common cause of cancer for men.

It is already known that solitary sex or masturbation does not carry the same risk of infection as that of having multiple sex partners.


So the problem in here arises from the two conflicting points of view between American and Australian surveys. The American surveys tend to define sexual activity as sexual intercourse alone; while Australian studies focused on the number of ejaculations whether intercourse between a man and a woman has been done or not.

It should be taken into account that while Masturbation may be a healthy form of prevention for prostate cancer. Multiple sex partners not only do not help against the prevention of the disease condition from developing, but it also completely poses as a risk factor in acquiring it. This is one of the reasons why you as a healthy person should not use the excuse of disease prevention to have multiple sex partners.

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