Is Massage an Alternative Medicine?

Dating back to the Ancient times, massage therapy has been one of the most popular and commonly used alternative medicines. Whether you are into Swedish massage or Shiatsu, a massage therapy is most definitely a good treatment for a stressed body, mind, and soul. Rubbing, tapping, and other body manipulation are included in the massage therapy. Sometimes, paraphernalia such as stones are used to help a masseuse to further increase the benefits of the treatment.

Massage Therapy – a Brief History

Massage therapy has been used by people to treat a variety of sickness and diseases which dates back a thousand of years. Before medicines and conventional treatments were discovered, massage therapy had treated lots of people from their medical conditions. The Ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Indians were among the people who first used the alternative treatment to address various health problems. Nowadays, it is still considered as an effective therapy against a number of medical issues known to have afflicted a man.

Types of Massage Therapy

There are at least more than a hundred different types of massage therapies used all over the world. Although most of these are just branches of more popular massage therapies, they are actually considered as a different type of alternative treatment. Overall, they are great for treating numerous sicknesses and diseases without using surgery, drugs, or anything outside the term “natural”.

4 Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy

  • Swedish Massage Therapy – long, smooth strokes are commonly used in a Swedish massage therapy. An oil or lotion is sometimes used as a lubricant for the skin to avoid friction during the massage session. The massage therapy is quite common in the United States as well as in other countries around the world. This alternative medicine addresses various medical conditions by stimulating the key points of the human body. The soothing effects of the massage also relax the human body and mind while allowing it to slowly rejuvenate by itself.
  • Thai Massage – similar to Shiatsu, Thai massage focuses on the key points of the human body. A massage therapist makes sure that the energies of your body are aligned by using a gentle pressure on specific points of the human body. Unlike with most of the popular massage therapies out there, you don’t just lie down on the massage mat and let the therapist do the work. Your coordination is required for a successful massage therapy. Expect movements while on the massage mat as the therapist will move and stretch your body while doing various postures. Basically, it’s like Yoga but with the help of a person (massage therapist). Instead of lying down on a conventional massage bed, you’ll be getting your therapy on a floor mat.
  • Reflexology – it is a simple massage therapy that focuses on pressing the meridian points on your hands and feet. The massage therapist will apply pressure on certain points of your hands and feet that corresponds to the organs of your body. A simpler yet effective approach to alternative therapy.
  • Shiatsu – originated from Japan, this massage therapy works on the body by using finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on certain key points or popularly known as meridian points of the human body. Unlike with Swedish massage, the finger pressure is quite firm. Key points are pressed for at least 8 seconds before being released. Such process encourages the body to increase the flow of energy while allowing the human body to regain its balance.

Who Can Benefit from a Massage Therapy?

Just like with any therapy, not everyone can enjoy the healing benefits of a massage therapy. Basically, some massage therapies are good for some people while others will bring more damages than benefits to the human body. Knowing who will benefit and who will not is a good thing if you are into massage therapy.

Basically, pregnant women are closely monitored when it comes to massage therapy. The pressure on the human body will trigger the untimely birth of the child. This is why massage therapy isn’t recommended for women who bear their unborn child. Although there are pregnancy massage, women who are pregnant should consult with their doctor first before getting such alternative therapy.

Elderly, diabetics, and individuals with high blood pressure should check with their doctors first before getting a massage therapy. Basically, the pressure on your key points can cause other medical problems if there are complications with your present health issue. Discussing the matter with a medical expert would be a smart move for anyone who’s planning on getting a massage therapy. Despite the health benefits it brings, a massage therapy can also cause health problems if used on the wrong person.

Infants who are suffering from a medical condition shouldn’t immediately be taken to a massage therapist. In fact, a paediatrician should be the first person to check your baby in case there are medical problems found in your little angel. Although massage therapies are great, they should never be used on the wrong person or else you’ll expect more problems.

Massage therapy should only be given to the person who needs it. When given to the wrong person, massage therapy can worsen the medical condition of the patient. Checking with a medical professional should be the first step to take if you are planning on using any kind of alternative medicine. Although quite inexpensive compared to the conventional treatments, you should never compromise your safety by getting a massage without consulting an expert first. If you are cleared to get a massage therapy, then there’s no need to worry about possible complications. Instead, all you need to do is relax and unwind while the massage therapist relieves pain and stress from your body.

The Right Medical Therapist

Similar to any kind of therapy, a massage therapy should only be received from a licensed and highly trained massage therapist. Aside from the education and experience, a licensed therapist can assure you that you’ll receive the treatment you need through the most natural way possible. In addition, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the person who’s treating you knows what he is doing. It’s important that you get it from the right person as it prevents injuries while giving you the results that you need from the therapy. In addition, you’ll receive the best benefits if you get it from someone who knows the ins and outs of the natural treatment.

Is it an Alternative Medicine?

Basically, a therapy can be considered as an alternative medicine when it has the healing effects without being based on a scientific method. The alignment of energies (also known as chi or chakra) is a healing effect that is not based on evidence backed up by any known scientific method. It includes the use of alternative practices, products, and therapies that are not used by medical schools and institutions. Despite of not following the conventional medical practices, alternative medicines are considered as effective in addressing health problems in some cases.

In general, a massage therapy is a great alternative medicine if you do not wish to undergo surgery or anything of the conventional medical treatment. Instead of surgical knives, syringes, or drugs, a massage therapy tailors finger pressures on key points of the human body. With each precise pressure, they leave a soothing feeling that is capable of relieving you of the stress, fatigue, and other problems of the body, mind, and soul.

Feeding – Assessing Difficulties And Intervening

This article relays pertinent information about feeding difficulties, how to assess for signs and symptoms and how to rightfully intervene.

There is often a great deal of anxiety related to assessing why certain individual will not eat. It can be difficult to identify whether the problem is physical or psychological. It is important to explore the personís feelings about not eating. A subjective assessment should include the personís own description of hunger and appetite.

Assessment– Psychological Factors

Emotional problems may be related to the personís feelings about not eating. In the hospital setting, where patients have a lack of control over their environment, eating may be one area where they feel they can exercise some decision making power. Furthermore, they may be angry at their diagnosis and may displace their anger onto eating behavior. Additionally, the depression or despair related to a situational event can take the appetite away.

Assessment– Level Of Consciousness

Assessing the level of consciousness will alert us to those at risk for aspiration. Individuals who were obtunded are obviously in danger of aspiration. A personís cognitive abilities must be assessed, because this will affect their ability to understand and complete the task of feeding independently. Demented, disoriented, or confused individuals, although alert are at risk for feeding problems because of a lack of understanding of the importance of eating and the propensity for being distracted during the task.

Assessment– Physical Factors

Assessing the personís physical ability to feed and identifying those with impairments is imperative for planning a successful intervention. The pace of eating varies among individuals; however, individuals who routinely take longer than 60 minutes to complete a meal may be partially dependent feeders and require assistance. In some, the ability to bring food into the mouth may be inconsistent. They often start out feeding themselves without problems but quickly tire. Poor coordination can result in food landing on a personís bed, meal tray, or floor but never reaching the mouth. Those who are not able to see the tray may leave various foods untouched. Those who cannot handle utensils will eat those foods on the tray that can be easily picked up with the fingers and leave behind foods that require utensils. If chewing is a problem and proper menu selection has not yet occurred, they will favor liquids and soft foods.

Signs of abnormal swallowing include:

  • Packing of food in the cheeks
  • Drooling
  • Throat clearing during a meal
  • Frequent coughing during a meal
  • Fluid leaking from the nose after swallowing demands

Interventions– Assessing Readiness

The following four steps should be taken prior to feeding to assess readiness:

  • Assess the level of consciousness; he or she must be alert
  • Assess the gag reflex by tickling the back of the throat
  • Have him produce an audible cough
  • Have the him produce a voluntary swallow

Interventions– General Reminders

Feeding should take place in a calm, adequately supervised environment. Individuals should be positioned in a normal eating position with the feeder clearly visible. Food should be placed on the unaffected side of the mouth. If the tongue is damaged or impaired, assistive devices such as adaptive feeding syringes will move food toward the pharynx, where the swallowing reflex takes over. Once the food bolus makes it into the pharynx, the person should tilt the chin down, to decrease the risk of aspiration. Massaging the throat on the affected side helps stimulate the tactile areas that initiate the swallowing reflex. Individuals who have difficulty in coordinating chewing, breathing and swallowing should be instructed to hold the head forward and to hold their breath before swallowing.

Facts On Ejaculation To Fight Prostate Cancer

The small gland known as the prostate is an object of great importance to your body as it plays a very important role in semen production. Nearly 40,000 cases of cancer and 10,000 deaths are reported every year because of the condition known as Prostate Cancer. This consensus makes scientists and researchers investigate more about its relationship with sexual behaviors. Interesting lessons taught to you often involve sexual activity as a way of reducing the risks of developing prostate cancer. However, it is important that you learn about certain misconceptions on sexual activity and its effects on prostate cancer. Does it really help fight prostate cancer? Or does it only make it worse?

Certain Studies Which Prove The Effectiveness of Ejaculation

A study done by Graham Giles at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne Australia states that ejaculation helps our body get rid of carcinogens. The disease causing toxins that try to build up in the urogenital tract are removed are flushed out of the system whenever an ejaculation is done.

Also according to Jennifer Landa, a specialist in hormone therapy, Ejaculations also help in increasing cortisol levels in your body. This type of hormone boosts up the immune system to fight against any cancer causing radicals that may be present in your bloodstream.

Masturbation VS Multiple Sex Partners

On the years 1994 to 1998 a team of researchers from Melbourne Cancer Epidemiology conducted a study about ejaculation and its relationship to prostate cancer. Results show that men who ejaculated more than five times a week at their 20s are less probable to cultivate prostate cancer later in life.

However, their studies seem to contradict previous ones which create a strong link between having plenty of sexual partners and prostate cancer.

While it is true that ejaculation may reduce the risks of prostate cancer, having multiple sex partners often predispose men to the most aggressive and malignant forms of prostate cancer.

Researchers suggest that this is because of the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, which could precipitate the development of prostate cancer in men.

Numerous researches nowadays have proven masturbation not only to be harmless, but healthy as well. Regular masturbation can even prevent the most common cause of cancer for men.

It is already known that solitary sex or masturbation does not carry the same risk of infection as that of having multiple sex partners.


So the problem in here arises from the two conflicting points of view between American and Australian surveys. The American surveys tend to define sexual activity as sexual intercourse alone; while Australian studies focused on the number of ejaculations whether intercourse between a man and a woman has been done or not.

It should be taken into account that while Masturbation may be a healthy form of prevention for prostate cancer. Multiple sex partners not only do not help against the prevention of the disease condition from developing, but it also completely poses as a risk factor in acquiring it. This is one of the reasons why you as a healthy person should not use the excuse of disease prevention to have multiple sex partners.